Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back in Black

Well, after being defunct for several years, I decided to fire this blog back up. It will have a different focus, of course. This focus will be writing. Specifically, I will be using this blog to publish online original works and to promote my two longer works.

On Thursdays I'll be posting an article about theology. This will be called Theology Thursdays.

On Fridays I'll be posting flash fiction. Peculiar, experimental, short stories falling from Dan's brain will be at your disposal to rant about or quietly ignore, according to your preference. Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday.

Updates and promotionals about my two longer pieces I'm working on I'll post from time to time. These are:

Needle & Thread, a cross-genre novel which was selected by the Loft Literary Center Master Class: The Novel. This work will be available sometime in early 2013.

Sobriety: A Graphic Novel a project I am collaborating on with Spencer Amundson, my fine graphic artist. This hopefully will be published in early 2014.

Thanks again to anyone in the ether who's been reading or following this blog. I hope to have more material very soon.

D.D. Maurer, President and Founder Synecdoche, LLC

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Carol said...

looking forward to your posts