Sunday, February 19, 2006

Congratulations! You've won an all-expense paid trip to....North Dakota!

I read this post today on Aberdeen News' online site. Let the numbers speak for themselves. I don't think kids are breaking down the doors for this prize. Once again, this shows that perception is everything in a world of glitzy advertising and glamorous 'destinations'. For a direct link to this article, click here.

National Guard essay contest offers free trip to North Dakota

Associated Press
BISMARCK, N.D. - A National Guard essay contest is offering 10 selected high school students from every state and four territories a free trip to North Dakota this summer.

The Guard's Lewis and Clark Youth Rendezvous is being planned to bring the 540 students to North Dakota Aug. 13-18 to educate them about the journey of explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark nearly 200 years ago.

Two chaperones from each state and territory also will get the free trip, the Guard said.

The students will be selected based their thoughts about the military value of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The competition is open to those who will be high school juniors or seniors in August 2006.

"We're still looking for more entries," said Staff Sgt. Billie Jo Lorius of Bismarck, a Guard spokeswoman. "We're really encouraging creativity."

Only 26 students have sent in entries, with 12 from North Dakota. The deadline for entries is Feb. 28.

While in North Dakota, they will visit sites including Fort Abraham Lincoln south of Mandan, the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan in Washburn, and Medora.


The Junkie said...

Is Rugby on the trip tour?

Do we get to pet any deer?

Is ND flatter than KS?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Anonymous said...

I hide my name as anonymous, so I can hide the fact I lack the intelligence to figure out a name for myself. Also, cowardice prevents me from thinking of anything more original than "what a bunch of losers"!

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